Do   You   Remember ?

  1. What was the school address?
  2. Who was the Principal in '69?
  3. Who were the Deans in '69?
  4. What school did we play for our Homecoming game?
  5. What was the final score of Homecoming game?
  6. Who was Homecoming Queen?
  7. Who was head football coach in '69?
  8. Name the [Band/Orchestra] & [Chorus] Directors?
  9. What Broadway Musical was presented in '69?
10. Where did the Chorus go on tour, during Spring Break?
11. Who were our Class Officers? [Pres., VP, Sec., Tres.]
12. Who was President of the Student Council?
13. Which (4) teachers were our Class Sponsors?
14. Where was Graduation held & Who gave the Keynote Address?
15. What was the date of our Graduation Ceremony?
16. Name (4) class members who were children of faculty members.
17. Three senior girls had the same name, who were they?
18. Two senior boys had the same name, who were they?
19. What major fundraising project did we complete?
20. What was the name of our school Newspaper?
21. What was the name and cover color of our '69 yearbook?
22. Which faculty member was famous for walking across the cafeteria on his hands?
23. What major U.S. historical event happened a couple of weeks after our graduation in July of 1969?
24. Who was the President of the USA in 1969?
25. What famous concert event happened a couple of months after our graduation in August of 1969?

Think you know the answers to all 25? Email them to me at and I'll post them.

Scroll down for some hints...


 #2. Mr. Claude Canipe
 #3. Boys Dean ??? Girls Dean Mrs. Dorthy Miller
 #4. He came to our 40th Reunion... Mr. L.K.
 #8. Band/Orchestra was Mr. Rudy Von Unruh [Mr. V] & Chorus was Mr. Bill Goode
 #9. 4 Broadway musicals were presented at RBHS 1 each year we were there. Which one was done our senior year?
       Brigadoon, Plain & Fancy, Oklahoma, or Carousel?
#10. It was to Mr. Goode's hometown...???
#14. On the football field, Congress Representative Paul Rogers
#16. 1) Greg Barnhart - Mother taught English, 2) Wayne Canipe - Father was Principal,
       3) Arthur Jaramillo - Mother taught Spanish, 4) ?? - Mother taught typing
#17. 3 Girls w/ initials J.E.
#18. 2 boys w/ initials M.A.
#19. ? Paving the track around football field, or ? installing Air Conditioners???